Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your classes?

ASL Champs classes meet for 60-90 minutes once per week for 8 weeks.

Are your classes continuous?  Can I join anytime?

No.  Our classes are live and follow a specific curriculum for 8 weeks at a time with the same group of students assigned to a specific teacher. Each week builds on the next.

Do you have a minimum age requirement? 

We recommend all students are over the age of 14 to fully benefit from our classes.  Children 10-13 may be admitted if their parent or adult family member is also registered for the same class provided they are able to fully participate in the curriculum.

Do you offer classes specifically for children?

Not at this time. Meanwhile, we recommend these resources for children interested in learning ASL!

I am hard of hearing/deaf myself and want to learn ASL. Will I be able to learn through your classes? 

Absolutely!  Our classes are taught SILENTLY. You won’t miss a thing! 

Do you offer any classes “In person”?

Yes, we offer some select in-person classes in Richmond, Va! Check out the current schedule here. Some private classes will have the option to be taken in-person (subject to instructor availability). Our tutoring service as well as the majority of our class offerings remain on Zoom.

What is the order of your classes? Which one should I take?

ASL Champs offers the following class levels in this order (click the link for specific class descriptions):
ASL 1A – you should take ASL 1A if you have no previous ASL experience or have not had live conversations using ASL structure in an everyday environment.
ASL 1B – you should take ASL 1B if you have previously taken 1A with ASL Champs or another level 1 class elsewhere or can demonstrate the equivalent knowledge base in Deaf culture, ASL vocabulary, grammar and conversational levels.
ASL 2A – you should take ASL 2A if you have previously taken 1B with ASL Champs or another level 1 or 2 class elsewhere or can demonstrate the equivalent knowledge base in Deaf culture, ASL vocabulary, grammar and conversational levels.
ASL 2B – you should take ASL 2B if you have previously taken 2A with ASL Champs or another level 2 class elsewhere or can demonstrate the equivalent knowledge base in Deaf culture, ASL vocabulary, grammar and conversational levels.
ASL 3 – you should take ASL 3 if you have previously taken 2B with ASL Champs or another level 2 class elsewhere or can demonstrate the equivalent knowledge base in Deaf culture, ASL vocabulary, grammar and conversational levels.

When are your sessions offered?

Generally we offer our 8 week sessions 5-6 times per year: Winter (beginning in January), Spring (up to 2 sessions, one starting in March, one in May), Summer (beginning in July) and Fall (up to 2 sessions, one beginning in September, the other in November).

How/where can I practice ASL outside of class?

Practicing ASL is how you become fluent! We offer online group practice sessions to current and former students as well as share in-person ASL immersion opportunities in the Richmond, VA area. If you are looking for in-person opportunities to practice outside of our area, it can’t hurt to ask us -we’re happy to share what we know!

Are your classes virtual or in-person?

The majority of our ASL classes are offered virtually via Zoom. 

What time zone are the classes in?

Our classes taught live in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What is the cost for your group classes?

Zoom classes are $100 and in-person classes are $125 per student for each 8 week session.

Do I have to live in Richmond to take ASL Champs classes?

No! Our virtual classes are offered via Zoom, so they can be taken from anywhere with internet access. Please note: classes will take place LIVE on Eastern Standard Time.  If you subscribe to our mailing list, you’ll be notified when the next class session opens up for registration.

Are ASL Champs sessions live or pre-recorded?  

Our classes are LIVE, meeting at a specific day and time each week for 8 weeks.  Each class session is usually recorded then sent our to registered students for review. Recordings are available for 1 week only, but are able to be downloaded if you need more time. However, the recordings should not be replied upon continuously.  We believe class participation and feedback is critical to success in learning ASL.

Do you offer group rates or discounts?

We strive to keep our classes affordable so our community members have more access to learning ASL. As a small business, we’re unable to offer discounted rates and still cover our operational costs. We appreciate your understanding.

What equipment do I need for virtual classes?

Ideally, you will need:

  • a laptop or desktop computer with a camera
  • internet access to the zoom website/application
  • a strong WiFi connection 
  • a distraction-free environment for 60-90 minutes 1X per week for 8 weeks. 

Can I share a monitor with my family member/roommate/spouse?

We require each participant to use their own monitor/zoom window. Our group classes are interactive, so we need to have maximum visibility

OK, I’ve registered!  What’s next?

First, you’ll get an email during the week prior to your first scheduled class with the class name, days/times.  Your instructor will introduce themselves and provide guidelines for the class structure as well as a link to the class itself.  You just click the link when your class day and time has arrived! 

Why do you prefer I give you a gmail address for my email?

ASL Champs classes rely upon a Google Classroom setting for sending the weekly notes, recordings and other communication that may be needed when class is not in session. This helps to streamline our communication with students rather than relying on bulk emails every week. Google Classroom is dependent on participants being registered for its service and having a gmail means no extra steps are required. If you do not have one or are unable to get one, please let us know after you register.

What if I have to miss a class?

While we believe it’s important to attend each session live as often as possible, we understand life happens – and we’ve got you covered. Each virtual class session is recorded and sent to students via email for review/study purposes, so if you have to miss a session, just play the recording and follow along.

Does ASL Champs offer high school or college credit?

No.  ASL Champs are community-based classes taught by our ASL/Deaf community members.  We are not able to offer formal educational credit or certification.

While we do have many high school and college students take our classes, many times it is to supplement their for-credit classes by practicing what they have learned gaining valuable experience in signing with other Deaf teachers.

For high school or college credit options offered online in ASL studies, we recommend first checking with your local institutions. You can also check out these reputable resources:

ASL University (Lifeprint) can provide documentation of students’ abilities, but these arrangements must first be approved in writing by the institution you are seeking the credit from. ASLU itself is not accredited, but can give CEUs if your institution approves.

ASL Connect offers online ASL courses for non-degree credit through Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.