Private tutoring is ideal for those who have recently completed or are currently taking an ASL class with ASL Champs or elsewhere and would like extra practice in refining their skills!

Our ASL tutors are patient, kind and FUN!
We are fluent, native or near-native signers who are ready to work with you!

Tutoring sessions can accommodate 1-4 students*
(*Grouped by requesters – students must possess similar signing skill and knowledge)
Students must be enrolled in a current approved class (online or in-person)
Students must have recently finished (within the last 6 months) said class
No new instruction or curriculum – this is for practice and refining skills
Students will bring their own agenda each week for what they want to review with tutor (sent to tutor 24 hours ahead is appreciated)
Sessions take place on ZOOM
30 minute sessions
Sign up for 4 weeks (2 meetings per week)
or 8 weeks (1 meeting per week)

Questions about tutoring?

Private Tutoring

Please fill out this form to request private tutoring sessions for 1-4 students. Once you submit, we will reach out to you within 3 business days to schedule your sessions at the email address you have provided. Please add to your safe senders list to be sure you receive it. Once scheduling is confirmed, you will receive an invoice via email. Tutoring payments are due in full 48 hours prior to the first session or we will need to cancel. Thank you for your understanding!

ASL Tutoring is requested for..(Required)
Select all that apply. We do not currently offer tutoring for children 10 and under.
Tutoring rates include 8 30-minute tutoring sessions. Would you rather:(Required)
Please check ALL the possible times you are available for tutoring(Required)
All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Tutoring rates include 8 30-minute sessions. Student groups are arranged by the requestors. Students must possess similar ASL skill abilities or the tutoring will be geared to the more novice level. Tutoring rates are based on the # in the group. So if one student is not available for a given session, it may not be made up as an individual session outside of the group. The entire group may reschedule with 5 working days’ notice, pending instructor’s availability.
What are your goals with tutoring?(Required)
Current enrollment in or recent completion of a qualifying ASL class or curriculum is required for tutoring. Accredited schools, online courses, even some YouTube curriculums are ok, we just need the name so we know what you’ve learned.

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