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Our Fall 2023 ASL classes are LIVE sessions that meet 1X per week
for 8 weeks via Zoom for 60-90 minutes per session
Each class is recorded and sent to students with e-notes for study purposes

Fall classes begin the week of Sept 11th and end the week of Oct 30th

Check out our lineup below!

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ASL Champs Fall 2023 Classes

(Beginning the week of Sept 11th - ending the week of Oct 30th)

Tuesdays, ASL 1A 7PM EST – FULL
Tuesdays, ASL 2A 7PM EST
Wednesdays, ASL 1A 7PM EST – FULL
Thursdays, ASL 1A 12 Noon EST
Thursdays, ASL 1B 7PM EST
Thursdays, ASL 2B/3 7PM EST

$100 per student

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Please check out our FAQs for more information on our classes.

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