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Take any of these “names” and type them into your google search and find their social media pages and or YouTube videos. These are some known good resources. ( there are lots more ) As always when searching the internet for any kind of information, there are some good and some…well….

The links below are for beginner to advanced, if you find yourself watching a video that is “too fast” try watching a minute, repeat once or twice, then try to watch with available captions. Some of the youtube videos will have links to their personal websites which may contain transcripts. If you have get hung up on any, save the link and bring to class and share with your teacher, or feel free to copy and paste the link and send it through the contact button here on the site. Try to add the time stamp or description in the email.

Happy ASL Viewing !!

  • ( fingerspelling practice)
  • ( great overall resource)
  • aslsignbank
  • theaslapp
  • asl slam
  • asl that
  • signedwithheart
  • the flip sideshow
  • minutejar
  • Deaf Missions
  • Deaf Bible Society
  • Deaf Education
  • Deaf Counseling
  • Bill Vicars (YouTube)
  • ASL That
  • ASL Literacy
  • ASL Nook
  • Daily Moth
  • Laurene Simms (YouTube)
  • ASL ABC Storytelling
  • ASL lesson (only Deaf people)
  • Gallaudet University
  • San Diego University
  • CSD Riverside
  • Renca Dunn (YouTube)
  • Rose Lee Gallimore (YouTube)
  • ASL lessons: Wheeler