See what our students are saying about ASL Champs!

The classes are great.

“The classes are great. Not too big and the instructors are patient and very interested in us doing well.”


A wonderful way for working adults to introduce themselves to ASL

“This group is a wonderful way for working adults to introduce themselves to ASL and deaf culture. Our instructor was knowledgeable, patient, motivated instructor who made our online classes fun and engaging. They also provided several opportunities to practice outside of class and meet others in the community. I highly recommend ASL Champs to anyone interested in giving ASL a try.”


The instructors make learning ASL fun

“The instructors are very enthusiastic and make learning ASL fun! It’s neat to see how creative instructors get through Zoom learning and we love the interaction with other students.”


A comfortable, friendly, fun learning environment

“It is always hard to start a new language, but Jen and the team at ASL Champs provide a comfortable, friendly and fun learning environment where it’s ok to not get it right the first time. The immersion approach (silent class, all on video) is fantastic. The repetition of the curriculum week to week is helpful in skill building. I appreciate how the instructors strive to get in regular class practice, but are also willing to share about deaf culture and answer questions (we even play games!). I am always nervous at the start of every class, but as soon as we start I know we’re all learning together and the instructors are encouraging and understanding. I love how these classes are for everyone too – young, old and every age in between. I can’t wait to learn more!”


Effective and fun! way to learn ASL

What a great way to learn ASL! The classes are very interactive and the students are signing simple sentences back and forth to each other on the very first day of ASL 1A. The classes are immersive (no voices) so you’re learning a new language in a natural way. It’s a comfortable environment where it’s understood you’re going to make mistakes and we could laugh together when we did. We learned about Deaf culture which is important to me. This class was one of the highlights of my week!


Beginning ASL

Jen was amazing! I loved her teaching style and how friendly she was. She was very patient.


Really enjoyed the teaching style this time around..

Thank you for creating an affordable space for hearing folks to integrate into the culture; this organization is a brilliant example of how immersion should be. Thanks to Matt for [his] patience with the class and dead pan/funny personality. Thank you all.


Really enjoyed it

Really enjoyed the two classes I’ve taken with Jen. She’s a terrific teacher and really does a great job of bringing everyone along, even in the Zoom format.


Classes are great and fantastic instructor!

Fan of ASL Champs



I think the Zoom classes were great. It’s always better in person, but given the climate of our world, I really appreciate the Zoom classes. And it’s very easy for me to get to and don’t have to travel into Richmond!


Matt was great!


Always a joy to learn at ASL Champs!


I like the flexibility the class had as schedule conflicts arose. Being able to do classes online cuts out drive time but it’s always better in person and less distractions when not at home. The material that the teacher used was very useful and a good match for our class.


Jen is awesome!


Lasting impression

Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. She is personable and animated. I looked forward to seeing her each week. I am surprised how much I learned over the course of six weeks. It was a struggle to make each session, but I needed the break from speaking to “feeling” my words. I realized how important to communicate with my full body and not just my hands. I would take this class a million times over.

Shane Morton-Anderson
Altria Client Services