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About ASL Champs

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Who we are and what we do

ASL Champs provides community-based American Sign Language (ASL) classes in a fun, online setting. Our classes are live, in real-time so you get plenty of opportunity to interact and practice what you learn. Our instructors are either Deaf or possess native or near-native ASL skills, so you learn from those who use it everyday. Also, since language is best learned by immersion, we teach in a silent environment.  We believe this sets students up with the best foundation to learn ASL naturally!

We offer both group and private classes ranging from beginner to advanced-intermediate levels

ASL acquired in the classroom is a “seed” that needs to grow, so we encourage our students to practice! Since Deaf Culture is the heart of everything we do, ASL Champs also serves as a bridge to local Deaf community events and resources so students can take advantage of opportunities to practice in the community

We are a proud, Deaf-owned business. We love teaching our community members about our language and culture. 

Our History

ASL Champs began as a grassroots effort of the local Deaf and interpreter communities in Richmond, Virginia to provide affordable, not-for-credit American Sign Language classes to the general public.  These classes gathered in community spaces in the evenings and seemed to meet a need for those who were not already in a college setting yet wanted to learn ASL from qualified instructors. 

In 2020, ASL Champs moved classes online. In doing so, we found we were not only able to continue to provide classes to our RVA community, we were able to draw even more students and instructors from across the country who 1) might not have the same local opportunities or 2) are now able to attend classes due to the convenience and flexibility online learning provides. 

So, we have continued in our online format, serving our RVA community and beyond. 

For more information about our classes, check out our FAQs. Have a different question?  Reach out to us!

We’re thrilled to be on your ASL journey with you. Thank you for choosing us.

See you in class!