The introductory class to ASL Champs was taught in a very user-friendly online environment. All ages and abilities participated, and there was plenty of laughter and encouragement along the way. The instructors are deaf and we learned the “why” behind some of deaf culture aspects, basic handshapes and finger spelling. We played games to reinforce what we learned and had the extra bonus of reviewing the class recordings for practice on our own time. Written words on white boards were used effectively for clarity and “Chat” was also used and a good tool to ask questions. We reviewed signs from previous lessons each class meeting to reinforce what we had learned and there is an opportunity to join an extra weekly practice session for a modest fee which I highly recommend. For an absolute beginner, you will be pleasantly surprised how many words you will learn and you will have a good foundation to grow your signing knowledge. And if you know a little bit already, this is a good refresher class to get back into signing.