Online ASL Classes Rationale

“Are your classes only online?”

“Will you be offering in-person classes?”

Since 2021, ASL Champs group classes are offered “virtually” via Zoom. While the majority seem to love the convenience and flexibility this option offers, we have recently fielded a few questions as to why this was still the case, so we wanted to explain this approach.

One of our goals at ASL Champs is to increase public fluency in ASL and especially to those within a Deaf person’s orbit (family, friends, co-workers). It was when we took our classes online that we saw that we could serve more people to further this goal than ever before. 

We’ve had ASL students learn together who are:

  • Friends and family members (that don’t live anywhere near each other)
  • Co-workers taking classes on their lunch hours
  • Part of corporate or remote groups that work in different offices
  • Parents with young children, busy (or opposite) schedules and/or limited childcare
  • Caregivers
  • Among those who benefit from the recordings and e-notes

So, we’re focusing on offering our online classes in an effort to maximize our resources. We believe we can best serve all our students this way at the moment, with the technology and convenience online classes have to offer.

Of course, ASL Champs’ home base is here in RVA and we have committed to offering and sharing regular, local in-person ASL immersion/practice opportunities!

We look forward to potentially offering some select in-person classes in addition to our online line up in 2024.

We appreciate you, our wonderful ASL Champs community, as we serve our RVA family and beyond!

Private /Custom Classes

Private /Custom ASL Classes

ASL Champs offers private, customized
American Sign Language classes for your organization!

Ideal for groups of 3-15 people that would like to learn together, the benefits of a private class include:
*Class days and times that fit your group’s schedule
*Custom curriculums based on your group’s common terms/need for knowledge
*Guaranteed spots in the same class with the same teacher and pace
*Group can practice together
*Promotes team-building and positivity among the group,
especially if they are learning ASL to communicate with Deaf or hard of hearing people you work with!

Ready to learn more about a private class for your group?
Contact us or fill out the form below to get started!

Private/Custom Class

Please use this form to submit your interest for a private/custom class with ASL Champs. Once we receive it, we’ll reach out to you within 3 business days. Thank you!

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Rates reflect the TOTAL amount for a 4 or 8 week class.
In-person classes are limited to the Richmond, VA and surrounding areas and are subject to instructor availability.