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Fall 2023 Registration is now OPEN! Classes are conducted VIA ZOOM. Classes run for 8 weeks, meeting 1X per week on the class day/time for 60-90 minutes. Fall classes start the week of September 11th and end the week of Oct 30th (on the DAY your class meets these weeks). *Please note: ASL 1B / ASL 2A / ASL 2B, etc classes require completion of the previous courses or demonstrated equivalent experience. Please contact us if you are unsure if you meet this requirement. **ASL 2B/3 will cover 2B+ material and is open to 2B and level 3 students

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Please list the name of who will be participating in the class. If this name is different from the name of the person who is paying for the class, please list the payer's name in the indicated section below this one. If you are registering more than one student, please use separate forms for each.
Sometimes the person's name on the credit card is not the name of the student who will be in class with us, so this helps us keep it straight. 🙂
Participant is 14 years of age or older*
Our classes are designed for students 14 years of age and older. Kids 10-13 may take the class when a parent or guardian is also enrolled.
If you are registering your CHILD (10-13 years old) for the same class, please enter the name of the parent who will also be in the class. If this does not apply to you, leave it blank.
We prefer all students have an email address for Google Classroom use. If you have a second email you would like to use to receive notifications, you may enter it here as well.
**ASL 1B students ONLY**
If you are registering for ASL 1B on Thursdays, please let us know if you are available/open to transferring to a Saturday morning class should we need to create a 2nd 1B class. (Your Thursday registration is secure regardless of your answer)
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We'd love to know how much exposure you've had to ASL and the Deaf community. Please list any ASL courses you have participated in previously, if applicable. You may also add any comments/concerns here.
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